When you think of texture, what pops into your mind? Your grandmother’s velvet sofa? Or, maybe your favorite pants (Wait, I’m showing my age)?  I’ll admit not all textures are appealing, but there are simple and affordable ways to add pizzazz to your space using patterns.

The key to using patterns is balance. There’s nothing worse than too many textures or patterns. Alternatively, a room without color or texture can be cold and boring. Texture adds warmth and depth to a room. Using it correctly will make your space more inviting and you… a rock star designer!  Here are 5 ways to restyle your space using texture:

1. Walls

I love textured wallpaper and paints. Adding texture to walls makes the room feel warm and stylish. Remember to pick wallpaper that compliments your space. You can also use textured rugs as a cool alternative.

2. Throw Pillows

An easy way to add color and texture to your space is using pillows. You can purchase amazing (and affordable) decorative pillows in various sizes and hues to liven up your space. My favorite go to for pillow cover is West Elm. The always have jazzy textures and vibrant colors.

3. Rugs

A great rug can tie your space together. Using a textured rug in a living, dining or bedroom can add warmth to your space. Another way to make your rugs pop is by layering them. A larger neutral rug (on the bottom) and smaller textured rug on the top can do wonders for a room.

4. Plants

Bringing the outside in is trending for 2016. Plants are great for adding color and life to a space. They are also wonderful for purifying the air and increasing your mood. Do have the room? No worries, Terrariums are a space saver and they’ll also keep money in your pocketbook.

5. Vases and Bowls

Vases and bowls are great for adding texture to a room. You can use rocks and other natural elements to add more character. As an added bonus, use classy wood or lacquer trays to add extra sass.

Christy Abram

Christy Abram

Principal Interior Designer at Christy Lynn Designs
Christy Lynn is a blogger and Principal Designer at, Christy Lynn Designs. When she isn't writing or helping her clients create a space they love; Christy spends her time enjoying all things wonderful in Seattle.
Christy Abram
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