As a mother and busy career woman, I understand more than anyone how life can get in the way causing clutter to get out of control.   When things are in disarray I can never find anything. Also, being disorganized  often causes me to be late.  I’ve found for my sake (and the sake of my family) I am at my best when I am organized. The holiday season is no different. To stay organized I’ve adapted a system to keep my clutter in check. Check it out!

Plan Ahead: Before you begin decorating anything, plan ahead. To simplify things, I often recommend making a decorating calendar. Decide when to start decorating and when to take things down. Place large tasks on various days. Then, stick to these deadlines. This can keep you on track to get everything done.

Repurpose Items: Do you have a lot of items around the house for other holidays, already? Don’t just go out and buy a ton of stuff for each holiday. Instead, think about repurposing decorations from one holiday to the next. This requires less storage space, time and effort in decorating, and you can even save money. For example, buy just wintery items for Christmas. Keep them up until spring!

Boxes, Boxes, Boxes: One of my favorite organizing tips is to utilize a box for a number of particular items. For example, think about having one large box, only for ornaments. Then, use another large box for garland, another for lights, etc. Think about wrapping lights and garland around pieces of cardboard within the box to keep them neat.

Where to Store It?: Don’t put your holiday decorations in a storage spot you could use for things you may reach for more often. Instead, think about stowing decorations away in your attic, garage, basement, or cellar. After all, you only need them once each year.

Label It!: To make finding things easier next year, be sure to carefully label all of your storage containers and boxes. You will save lots of time next holiday season!

I promise, declutter will save you time, space and most importantly give you peace of mind.



Christy Abram

Christy Abram

Principal Interior Designer at Christy Lynn Designs
Christy Lynn is a blogger and Principal Designer at, Christy Lynn Designs. When she isn't writing or helping her clients create a space they love; Christy spends her time enjoying all things wonderful in Seattle.
Christy Abram
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