One of the things love most about design is saving money on amazing products. I get a little tingle in my pants when I visit my favorite stores and  items are on sale. Any seasoned designer will tell you quality is important, but having to give up your first born child for a designer duvet is a no-no (Well, it depends on the child). There are ways to design kick ass spaces without spending your life savings. All it takes is a little time and creativity. Let’s get started!


1.Stalk the clearance section: Every notable home decor store has a clearance section (If they don’t MOVE ON!).  Don’t be afraid to get your knee pads a little dirty digging through the sales section. I’ve found some amazing stuff lingering behind last seasons pillow covers. Look specifically for unique items that you can pair with statement pieces you already own. Also, items like simple vases, trays and decorative candles never go out of style.


2. Flea markets are your friend: Ok, I LOVE flea markets. There’s nothing like spending a Saturday engulfed in ‘what-nots’ and unique finds. Flea markets are also great places to find quality products and of course, great deals! If you’ve ever shopped at a flea market, you know there is a certain skill-set required; haggling. If you don’t know what haggling is, google it! Since, the majority of sellers have made  the product or are trying to get rid of the old stuff from their crawl space; you can rest assured you will find a kick ass deal!


3. Get Creative: I’ve found the best way to save money is to do it yourself. Ok, you’re probably thinking, “Wait, I can hardly draw a stick figure. What do you mean, make something?” I’m not implying that you whip out your 5th grade watercolor set. I am, however, suggesting you use your imagination to create something awesome. For instance, find a print that you adore and frame it. Or, purchase a simple ceramic vase from Michaels or Hobby Lobby and paint it yourself. You’ll find creating your own decor is fun and will save you a butt-load of money.


4. Get signed up: Most home decor retailers offer discounts if you subscribe to their lists. Stores like: West Elm, Target and Kasala do a good job of marketing to their consumers by offering free shipping, weekly discounts and more. Additionally, if you have a retail account you can count on more savings!


5. Use your resources: Craigslist is a great place to find low cost and FREE items. Personally, I would stay away from soft furniture (beds, couches, etc) unless you completely trust to seller. You don’t want unwelcome guest. Goodwills in affluent areas also tend to have great finds for a dime (sometime literally). Be sure to pay attention to the quality of your treasure (wood, structure, paint) before you bring them home.


6. If all else fails, shop online:  While, I wouldn’t suggest buying furniture online (unless you’ve sat on it), purchasing accessories such as: pillows, duvets, wall decor and table decor are great. Of course, paying attention to dimensions and color is important, but shopping online saves you gas and also offers a multitude of options. Online stores like: Society6, All Modern, Novica, Chairish and Etsy, are amazing places to find statement pieces at reasonable prices.



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Christy Abram

Christy Abram

Principal Interior Designer at Christy Lynn Designs
Christy Lynn is a blogger and Principal Designer at, Christy Lynn Designs. When she isn't writing or helping her clients create a space they love; Christy spends her time enjoying all things wonderful in Seattle.
Christy Abram
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