Our Design Process

The first step in helping you create an amazing space is communication. We want to hear every detail about your dream home. Our focus is to curate a space that represents your authentic voice, while paying attention to functionality and flow. Our design process consist of FOUR steps:


+ CONSULTATION: The first step of our design process is the initial consultation. During the consultation, we meet, walk through your space and discuss your design project in detail.

+ CONCEPT: Once, we’ve spoken about your budget, desires and timeline—we will begin the concept stage. The concept stage consists of us partnering to create a design based on the things, places or loved ones that inspire you.

+ PROCUREMENT: Once we decide on a concept you LOVE, we will begin the ordering phase.  We like to source bespoke products from local Artisans, charming boutiques and online stores, but we are open to stores that you love. For furniture, we believe comfort is key, so we typically purchase locally.

+ STYLING: The last phase of our design process is room styling. Your home is a representation of every amazing thing about you. We want you to be a part of embedding those same qualities into your home. Together, we will walk through the process until we’ve designed a space that oozes with spectacular.

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