Christy Lynn Design is a Seattle-based interior design and decorating firm. We specialize in helping you design a home that reflects your lifestyle. Whether you’re interested in procuring bespoke items, refreshing an existing space, or revitalizing color in your home— we’re here to help!

Meet Our Team

Christy Abram, Principal Designer

I’ve always had a fascination with colors, textures and shapes.  As a girl, I dreamed of traveling the world and creating timeless spaces for all to enjoy. I saw the world through a different lens. I’m sure my ability to look deep and far is why I first opted for a career in behavioral health. For many years, I enjoyed helping others overcome obstacles and accomplish their dreams, but as the years passed; I realized I hadn’t reached mine.

I remember how wonderful it felt to be wrapped in color. I envied those who had the courage to strive for their dreams. I had to do something, so I resigned from my 10 year career, stepped out on faith; and here I am. It was the best decision I have ever made. Although, my colleagues thought I was insane, I have no regrets. I feel my journey has equipped me with valuable tools and infallible vision.

I feel my vision is the very thing that allows me to create bold and vibrant designs. I believe my experience allows me to see the essence of my clients.  I know I have the skills to purposely design a home that embodies the love, growth and warmth, each person deserves.

My desire is to help you create a space you will fall in love with. Are you ready to begin our journey of creating an extraordinary home, one room at a time? Click here to get started.

Dewon is the Principal Building Design Consultant at Christy Lynn Design. Dewon holds professional degrees in Architectural Engineering Design, Horticultural / Landscape Design and Business Management.

A “City Boy” at heart; Dewon spent his early years admiring different cityscapes  and dreaming of becoming an Architect. He believes each building tells a story and holds the personality of its designer.

Dewon’s love for design inspires him to create sustainable, “clean” and functional designs for our clients.


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