A long time ago, I gave up my snow boots for rain and gray skies.  I love Seattle,  although, the transition between fall and winter is pretty much the same― rain soaked busy-bodies, trudging through the city screaming, “Go hawks!,” while toting their green mermaid cups. One thing is for sure, the gray skies and crisp winds keep me yearning for warmer days.  Since the closest sunny beach is thousands of miles away; winter is usually the time I settle for restyling my home.

My husband, Dewon and I live in a cozy condo in the center of Seattle. We both adore urban living, but find the winters a little difficult because of the constant rain and gloomy days. Dewon always cringes when I insist on redecorating (It’s the designer in me), but steps aside and lets me do my thing. He knows I love bringing in texture and warm hues (and shopping), so he wasn’t surprised when I returned home with bags full of stuff after visiting a local Stager’s “Everything must go” sale. After sifting through my piles of stuff; I settled on a transitional Moroccan look coupled with the eclectic modern feel Seattle is known for.

I wanted my home to exude luxury with a hint of playfulness, so I opted to add a few fun elements to the mix. Usually, mustard yellow, burgundy or browns; tend to be my winter comforts, but this season I leaned towards cool colors.  l mixed-and-matched blues, gold, green and gray to add depth and adventure to my home. If I’m being totally honest, adding blue and green to my color scheme reminded me of being on a sunny beach in Acapulco.

 I paired a fluffy Moroccan printed rug to provide the warm feeling of sun soaked sand under my feet.  Also, my plants, Jeffe, Ruth and Lillie (Yes, I name my plants!) assisted with bringing the outside in. Lastly, the two “blinged” out wire flowers I found succeed at completing the space by adding a special touch. The contrast between the black and vibrant colors married well with the elements of the room.  I love the look and feel of my condo. It feels warm and comfortable, just like as a girl needs (and deserves)!

Recently had the opportunity to design a home that demanded the same opulence. My clients, thirty-something professionals, recently bought a beautiful home overlooking the Puget Sound. They wanted their home to represent comfort and luxury. For months, we searched for the perfect pieces to complete their requested look.

We fought with contractors to move and install fixtures, built tee-pees and waited months for their custom sectional, but alas—the space was complete! Their home is packed with glamour. From the sparkly Swarovski crystal chandelier, to the gorgeous texture filled accent chairs and luxe area rug; their home is to die for. Additionally, their home is an amazing example of experiencing warmth and comfort no matter where you live.

I think the most important thing anyone should remember is your winter duds should represent the things you love most about yourself and home. Don’t be afraid to bring in color. When in doubt, add depth with textured pillows, throws and warm rugs. Be mindful of your lighting, winter can bring the blues. AND, don’t forget to add greenery to keep you connected to the outside.  Applying these simple tricks will help you create a winter look that you’ll enjoy throughout the season and well into Spring.

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Christy Abram

Christy Abram

Principal Interior Designer at Christy Lynn Designs
Christy Lynn is a blogger and Principal Designer at, Christy Lynn Designs. When she isn't writing or helping her clients create a space they love; Christy spends her time enjoying all things wonderful in Seattle.
Christy Abram
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